Luxury bungalow by the sea

Sleeping in a bungalow on the beach is so popular and we understand exactly why. Sun, sea and beach are all combined in one luxurious stay. For many Dutch people, these are the ingredients of their favorite holiday.

Unique overnight stay with a sea view

With the sea on one side and the dunes in the back. Imagine yourself in one of the most beautiful pieces of nature in the Netherlands. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far from home for a wonderful bungalow holiday on the coast.

Luxury Pipowagen by the sea

Special stay

It’s not just a stay. You sleep in an original type of bungalow on the beach. The accommodations are made in a characteristic pipowagen. The gypsy wagons are fully equipped, so you will not be short of luxury and comfort. A unique experience where you can sleep so close to the water that you can hear the sea well at night. Fall asleep in the cozy box bed after a day of fun at the beach.

Relax completely

With the Pipowagens you literally sleep on the beach. Get away from the daily hectic for a while and replace it with a relaxed beach environment. You don’t have to worry about your clothes for long, because swimming trunks are enough for the entire day. Relaxed slumber on your veranda while the sunset paints a color palette on the horizon. The pipowagen is the perfect get-away to enjoy the beauty of the Westland beach. If you look back, the dunes are also within easy reach.

Spectacular sunrise

There is no better way to start the day than with the view of a sunrise. It is highly recommended to consult the internet to see exactly what time the sun rises. Install yourself on your veranda a few minutes in advance with a hot cup of coffee and watch the sun gradually rise. That’s a wonderful start to your day, isn’t it?

Pipowagen in de winter

During the winter months, the cheerfully colored Pipowagen are driven into the holiday park. Here they hibernate until they return to the beach in the spring. So that you can enjoy the cozy stay a little more during the winter. Without the grains of sand flying around your ears.

Strandpark Vlugtenburg
Pipowagens op het strand Vakantiepark Vlugtenburg
Strandtent Elements Beach
Grijze zeehond
Pier Scheveningen Vakantiepark Vlugtenburg
Ontbijt in vakantiepark Strandpark Vlugtenburg

In the area

A bungalow in ‘s Gravenzande brent several advantages in terms of surroundings. Next to Roompot ‘s Gravenzande you will find our park, maybe you will encounter the things below in the area?

Spotting seals

In the North Sea you will find numerous swimming seals. These curious animals regularly show their heads above the water surface. Are you going for a nice cooling dip in the evening? Don’t be alarmed if you suddenly see something sticking out above the water in the distance.

Lunch and Dinner at Beach Tents

In addition to the pipowagens, you can find three different beach bars. 20 meters away you will find the first beach bar called ‘De Pit’. Where a casual atmosphere prevails and where they are known for their wafer-thin pizzas from the wood oven. A few meters further you can join the beach club ‘Elements Beach’. Here they mainly cook with vegetable and sustainable products. When you walk a little further up the hill from the beach entrance you will find summer time beach tent. This is especially a perfect location for a company party or family gathering.

Take the ferry to Hook of Holland

The Fast Ferry from Hoek van Holland takes you along a beautiful route. You can get off at various “stops” and explore the area on foot or with a bicycle.

Admire the Maesland barrier

The final piece of the Delta Works is located in Hoek van Holland: the Maesland Barrier. It is a huge and impressive structure. For your own image, the storm surge barrier is about as long as the Eifel Tower (or not in height). In this way, South Holland is protected against high water. Curious what this breakwater looks like in action? See it with your own eyes!

Walk the Sand Motor

The sand motor is an experiment in which nature itself deposits sand on the coast and as a result the beach becomes wider and wider. An enormous beach plain where you can enjoy a peaceful walk and sometimes even spot a seal with a bit of luck. In addition, the sand engine is a mecca for kite surfers, which is very cool to see in action.

Pier Scheveningen

The Scheveningen pier is more fun than ever. Veel leuke tentjes en barretjes hebben zich er tegenwoordig gevestigd. The iconic image of the arcades at the end are good for a complete day out.

Pipowagen: fully equipped

Fresh bread service

Waking up to the sound of the sea in the background is of course wonderful. But what should absolutely not be missing at the start of a holiday? Of course a fresh breakfast with warm rolls! Throughout the year, bread rolls are baked in the restaurant and you can have these delivered to you in the morning on order in the Pipowagen.

luggage service

Although the pipowagons are right next to the dunes, it is still a short walk from the reception. This has everything to do with the fact that there are two layers of dunes behind each other that you walk through. A very nice walk, but that is nice without having to lug suitcases around. For this we have developed a service where the luggage is delivered to the pipowagen.


It is of course very nice to disconnect from the entire online world. On the beach, a laptop does not work optimally with sand between the keys anyway. But it is possible to go online with our available wireless internet connection.

hot shower

There is nothing better after a long day at the beach than a nice shower (with a good spray). A shower to admire your new tan and to rub in afterwards with a thick layer of aftersun. The gypsy wagon has a bathroom that is fully equipped and of course also with hot water.


The veranda is equipped with 4 beach chairs, a parasol and a windshield. Plop down in front of the gypsy wagon with your feet in the sand and a cold drink in hand. The kids build sandcastles and have fun in the water while you watch from the veranda.

box bed

Sleep with a maximum of four people in the cozy box bed. There are two queen size beds one above the other, each bed equipped with its own night light. You can also open the windows by the bed to experience the sea air just a little more.

Ontbijtservice vluchtenburg
Pipowagens Strandpark Vlugtenburg
Interior luxury residence Pipowagen Holiday Park Vlugtenburg
Strandpark Vlugtenburg

Also in need of relaxation?

Strandpark Vlugtenburg
Strand Vlugtenburg
Zien & Doen Vlugtenburg Shoot Out

Activities on the beach

Beach walk

Do you walk in the direction of Hoek van Holland or do you prefer to leave in the direction of Scheveningen? Do you prefer to walk on the soft sand or do you prefer to walk on the hard sand as close to the water as possible? You can also choose to walk on the dune path. In short, plenty of opportunities for a relaxed beach walk.

Escape Room

Do you know the legend of the Flying Dutchman? Due to a curse of the devil, this ghost ship has been wandering around the Cape of Good Hope for centuries. The captain and crew have never managed to escape. Are you okay? x x

Bike tour

The pipowagens are located right against the wide dunes of the beach entrance Slag Vlugtenburg. The dunes naturally act as a protection for the land against the strong waves. But that’s not all, the dunes here in the Westland region also house one of the most beautiful cycling routes. It is a unique cycle path that winds through the dunes from the extreme points of Hoek van Holland to Scheveningen.

Groups activities

A number of active group activities can be practiced on the beach. Think for example of bubble football, beach waves, blokarting, archery, XXL supping and rafting. Check out here which other fun beach activities Wato has to offer.


‘s-Gravenzande has a beautiful location for kitesurfing at sea. Are you not yet familiar with the sport? Then you can take lessons at the kitesurfing school called Dare2Kite. The advanced kite surfers can use the official spot called the Zandmotor.

Horse riding

Not everywhere in the Netherlands you can just go horseback riding on the beach. But at Slag Vlugtenburg it is allowed to ride a horse through the dunes and on the beach. Several riding stables in the area are happy to take you to the beach.

Also in need of relaxation?

You’ve earned it

Toil all year round and run from top to bottom. Sometimes you just need a nice, relaxing beach holiday. Then you are certainly at the right place with us. Enjoy our brightly colored Pipowagen with your feet in the beach.

Holiday park Vlugtenburg open all year round

The campsite at Strandpark Vlugtenburg is open all year round. This way you can always enjoy a wonderful holiday, exactly when you are ready! The Pipowagen are on the beach in the summer months and are moved to the park in the winter.

Meer dan een camping

Did you know that in addition to our pipowagens, we also have beautiful chalets, bungalows, safari tents and acamping site? Enjoy together at Vlugtenburg Holiday Park.

Pipowagens at Vlugtenburg

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More than a holiday by the sea

Ideal for a weekend, midweek or holiday at the beach in the Netherlands!

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