Indoor fun at The City

Spend an afternoon at The City, a few minutes’ drive from Strandpark Vlugtenburg. This is South Holland’s largest all-in-one Entertainment Centre. There are spectacular activities for every group and every occasion in The City’s film setting.


This is bowling like you have never experienced before. The Tube is one of the most spectacular bowling alleys in the Netherlands. The bowling alley is built in an underground tunnel, including a station full of unique details.

Also, these courts have 50 different animations that are projected on the court and react to your throw! This is unreal bowling!

Laser gaming

On the outskirts of The City is The Gas Station. It looks like a run-down place, but nothing could be further from the truth… The Gas Station offers unprecedented opportunities for all laser game enthusiasts. Sneak along the shelves, hide behind the pumps or climb around the roof to get a better view. Will your team manage to make the most hits?

Miniature golf

If you walk down Main Street in The City, you come out at the city park. There you will find the magnificent setting of our mini-golf, with the start located under the viaduct. The City has eighteen unique miniature golf courses in a unique setting, one part going through a dark alley with glow golf effects. At The City, every hole is a startling experience.


In the private karaoke rooms, you can sing along unabashedly with your own company to your favourite hits. From the wrong hour to pub hits, 70s to 90s and more. With their drinks service, you’ll be at your beck and call and won’t have to leave the karaoke room. The private karaoke rooms are the ideal (musical) outing for bachelor parties, team and company outings and groups of friends.

VR Game

For all the people who prefer to imagine themselves completely in another world, they have a VR Game Arena at The City. VR stands for virtual reality and is gaming with a headset on that therefore literally puts you in the gaming world.
Attention! VR Game is suitable for ages 8 and up.


Five fantastic boules courts have been built at “The City Square”. The traditional French game takes on a whole new experience in The City. Jeu de Boules never looked this bold!

The city
The city
The city
The city
The city
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