Spring break 2023

Are you ready for some relaxation? Then book a well-deserved holiday quickly and leave your to-to list behind. Unwind with a stroll along the shoreline and let us do the cooking for you. The kids have fun in our playground and the terrace is calling your name for a little visit.

Find relaxation!

The beach always has a calming effect on its visitors. It provides cooling on the hottest days of the year and it provides sensation for the daredevil on a kiteboard. Or would you rather lie on the beach all day with a picnic? Now that’s relaxing!

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Playground Vlugtenburg

Spring in the Netherlands!

Is spring also your favorite season? Everything is in bloom again and the trees are beautifully green. The days are getting longer and temperatures are starting to rise. Birds start to nest and breed again. You can leave the house for the first time without putting on a coat. In short, spring has arrived again! It is a fantastic season to go outside again and go on holiday to seek out nature.

Holiday at the beach

The temperatures are getting more and more pleasant, so ideal for a holiday on the coast. The perfect temperature to enjoy a nice breakfast on the terrace of your bungalow. Or to actively get on a bicycle and cycle through the dunes towards Scheveningen. Who wouldn’t want that, a holiday on the Dutch coast?

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Things to do in the area

In and around your bungalow there are plenty of opportunities for a wonderful spring break. From city hopping in one of the nearest cities, braving the waves on a surfboard to an extensive bike ride or a delicious dinner at one of the beach bars. A dip in the sea for the real daredevil or fruit picking in the greenhouses here in Westland. In other words, enough to not get bored during your vacation.

Are you also crazy about the beach?

A few minutes on the beach and you will feel how this immediately relaxes you. The “to do list” faded into the background for a while. All you have to think about is what you feel most like that day! Sunbathe? Swimming? Or plop down at one of the beach bars with a glass of prosecco in hand?

Dunes by Strandpark Vlugtenburg

Spend the night on the beach

Spring weather + beach = a fantastic holiday. The spring weather lends itself to a unique overnight stay on the beach. There are not many places in the Netherlands where you can sleep on the beach. This beach house can be found at Slag Vlugtenburg and the pipowagons have never disappointed a guest! Try it now & book a spring break with the family!

Spring break with friends

The best memories are made during a trip with your best friends. Pack the bags, load the car and leave for the beach. There are different types of group accommodations at Strandpark Vlugtenburg. Book a bungalow near the beach for 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 people. Choose one of our attractively priced bungalows and create stories that you will talk about for years to come!

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