Wato Events

Activities on the Westland beach

At Vlugtenburg you have the great good fortune of staying right next to the coast. Enjoy the peace and beauty that the beach offers. But what other ways are there to discover the beach?

Wato Events

Wato Events has the active solution for this! They organise all kinds of sporting activities for a unique experience both in the water and on the Westland beach.

For an unforgettable beach experience!

What beach activities are there?

You can think of anything and Wato Events can arrange it for you. From Bubble Football to Beach Golfing, Blokarting, Archery, Lacrosse, Powerkiting, to Expedition Robinson and much, much more.


For the daredevils, Shoot Out is also highly recommended. Shoot Out is an exciting and sneaky game, in which two teams attack each other with bow and arrow. You can shoot at bodies and discs and duck behind a bunker when the arrows come your way.

Activities in the water

You are more of a water lover? Kayaking, XXL Suppen, Golf Surfing, mastering the wind in Kitesurfing, braving the waves in a raft. It’s all possible at Wato Events!

Beachclub Breez

Are you still on the verge of adrenaline or completely dehydrated after an intense game? Your belly is rumbling after all your efforts? The staff of the adjacent Beachclub Breez will be happy to provide you with a tasty snack and drink.

Wato Events has all kinds of activities suitable for children, families and large & small groups from 2 persons upwards. Ideal for the annual weekend trip with the group of friends or family.
Wato Events is easy to reach by bicycle, car and by foot. For the more active, it is a lovely beach walk of about 30 minutes from Vlugtenburg. You can reach your destination within 8 minutes by car or bicycle (a bicycle can be rented at our reception).

Vlugtenburg and Wato Events like to work together and that has the advantage that you can enjoy super cheap prices. Always make a booking for an activity in advance. The reception will be happy to help you with this if required.

Opening hours

Open every day from 10:00 to 22:00.

Opening hours may vary during holidays and sultry summer evenings

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