Discover the ancient Dutch grapevine

A grape, there is (a) spice in that!

What is the secret behind a well-filled, full bunch of grapes? Is it better to eat grapes with or without pips? What products are made from grapes?

Theme park de Westlandse Druif

Time to find out! At theme park De Westlandse Druif you can get answers to all these questions (and many more, of course) during a guided tour. The theme park also offers various workshops and they have a museum where you can learn everything about this delicious fruit and the history of grape growing in Westland.

Guided tour

The Westland (organic) grapes are grown in glass greenhouses. A visit to the entire theme park “De Westlandse Druif” takes about 1.5 hours. Access to the greenhouses is only possible in combination with a guided tour. Finally, there is the opportunity to look around the shop with related products and, of course, to taste the delicious Westland grapes!

Brasserie de Druiventuin

In addition to the theme park, you can also sit down on the terrace of Brasserie de Druiventuin. Here they incorporate many grape-based products into their dishes. Think for example of a grape cake or a fruity dressing.

Theme park the Westlandse Druif is suitable for children, families and large & small groups and of course especially accessible for grapevineers.
Theme park de Westlandse Druif is easy to reach by both bicycle and car. With both means of transport you will be on location within fifteen minutes when you depart from Vlugtenburg.

There is no need to book a tour in advance (unless you are coming as a large group), just check the tour times and you can join when it suits you best.

Opening hours:

Closed on Mondays.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (catering until 5 p.m.).

Also open outside these hours on request! Guided tours for passers-by are held at fixed times.

Groups can agree on a time.

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